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Setting up a conference call is easy. Here's how to do a conference call with our system.

Step 1: Notify Your Participants
The simplest way to begin is to email the exact date and time of the conference call.

Step 2: Send the Toll-free Number
Send your participants the special toll-free phone number (or direct dial number if that is the case) and participant passcode so that they can access the conference. People usually email this info a while before the actual call.

Step 3: Everyone Dials In
Ask your participants to dial the access number at the agreed time. Once they call in, they will be prompted to enter the passcode number. As soon as they do, they will hear anyone already signed speaking to each other. Announce your presence and introduce yourself.

Additional Points

  • If you are the host (moderator): A few minutes before the conference call, dial your access number and enter your moderator code. That's it! Your conference call starts right there! Just wait for others to dial in and you will all be on.
  • Be sure to introduce yourself and others already in the call as people phone in and get in on the call.

Dial pad features included with our service:

  • *2 = Record conference (CD available $65 US / overnight shipping via FedEx)
  • *3 = Reply recorded conference
  • *4 = Increase/decrease volume
  • *5 = Lecture Mode (mutes all participants)
  • *6 = Mute line (for participants and moderator)
  • *7 = Lock down conferencing bridge once all invited participants are present
  • *8 = Roll call (participants and moderator)

Billing/Invoicing tracking capabilities:
With each set of leader and participant code sets issued, Priority can reference these sets to help you identify each user usage. Your invoice will reflect the information you supply for each set issued.