Frequently Asked Questions

Priority Conferencing would like to assist you with any questions that you may have about our conference calling services. Please take advantage of our customers assistance service if you need further clarification after reading these answers. We do not want to leave you with any doubt whatsoever that we are the best choice for your company and we mean it!


Typically just a few minutes. You can call or fill in the sign-up form for quick account activation. If you need to start a call in the next few minutes or sometime in the near future. Just call us and you'll be ready to host a call right away.

With our toll-free conference call service, participants are provided with a toll-free number and a passcode to dial into our system (the "conferencing bridge"). The company that hosts the call will incur long-distance charges, if any. If you're hosting a call, it's good practice to provide a toll-free number to the people you intend to invite to participate in the call.

On the other hand, with the "direct dial" service, conference call participants are provided with a phone number and passcode. That phone number is not a toll-free number and so if there are any long distance charges that would typically be added to their phone bill, the individual conference call participant and not the person hosting the call will be responsible for paying the long distance fees, if any.

If the individual participants have specific long-distance plans (for example, unlimited calls within the country), then they could call the direct dial number and not have to worry about the additional long-distance fees.

Yes. If you want to host a conference call and you send out a toll-free number to people you want in on the call, you make it that much easier for them to call in. There is no concern about additional charges and it looks impressive which can go a long way toward making your company or organization look good.

We're a different kind of company. We care about our clients and appreciate that they've taken the opportunity to hire us. Our goal is to be recognized as one of the best conference calling companies in the country and to that end, we do everything we can to provide clients with a modern, top of the line system, competitive pricing, a simple-to-use system, great technical support, and even better overall value.

We want you to feel like you've made a great decision by choosing us as your organization's communications service provider.

In today's business environment, you want to cut costs everywhere you can. We offer clients just like you the opportunity to maintain an exceptional quality of service for your conference calls while decreasing your costs. We also make you look good in front of your boss because he'll be impressed with the ease-of-use of our system and financial savings.


Yes. You can even have a CD with the entire discussion mailed to your office!

In addition to our 5-star rated audio conferencing services, we also provide web and video conferencing services. Either call us or visit Priority Meeting for our very competitive packages.

No. All accounts are permitted to make unlimited conference calls.

There is no limit to the amount of time you can spend in a conference call.




No. The service is always on, waiting for you to call in. We provide you with a toll-free or direct dial number and you are free to host your conferences whenever you want.

No. Simply pick up your phone and dial!

Many "affordable" conference call companies claim to have the lowest price but they use voice over IP (VOIP) which is very often a frustrating experience for your conference call participants.

Hundreds. If you need more, please contact us and we will offer you a special package.

If you need help, there is an operator ready to assist you. Or, call in for tech support prior to your call.

Yes. Please note that some mobile phone service providers charge for use of air-time, long distance, or other charges.


We invoice you at the end of the month (only if you have made a call during that month).

No. We understand client needs and do not charge you for not making a call. Note that many companies will charge you for not using their service during a given month. With Priority Conferencing, there are no contracts or minimums.


"Conference bridge" is the term used to describe a type of telecommunications conferencing equipment. It is used to connect three or more telephone lines so that everyone can participate in the same phone call. When you and your conference call attendees phone into the specified number, you're all being connected thanks to the bridge. Priority Conferencing has one of the most sophisticated and modern bridges in the country which is why our clients find it so easy to use and get such great clarity, even with many people on the call.

The moderator (sometimes called a leader) is the participant who is hosting the conference call. As a representative of your company (or organization of any type), this person usually hosts and facilitates the conference or event.